The Bounded

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[edit] Origins

The beginnings of "The Bounded" are lost in the crinkled pages of time. But the stories live on through a rich oral tradition. The legends go all the way back to the birth of the twins: Prymos and Ralaia - the beginning of the form and essence of magic. They were the first-born of Irith, who blessed them both above all other gods and goddesses. They guarded the secrets of Magic throughout time.

With the development of the humans, Prymos and Ralaia decided to bless them with the spirit and knowledge of Magic. They started by giving all humans some magic for all time. But the humans misused the Magic and used it to hurt each other and the world. So the twins chose a few worthy people from among the masses to pass along the higher levels of Magic - twelve levels, to be specific - to moderate how Magic was disseminated in the world. The most powerful Magic was then reserved for those who had devoted their lives to its study.

[edit] the Levels

Level 12 - Beyond - This level is barely human, as they see into higher dimensions and universes, existing "between the worlds" and walking the boundaries of time and space. There is only one of the "Beyond" class at any one time.

Level 11 - Master - This level has mastered what can be taught of magic in this world. People such as these walk the "Way" of humans from before the beginning of time.

Level 10 - Priest - This level has mastered the five forms of magic and seeks to teach others to do the same.

Level 9 - Minister - This level serves the Priests in teaching duties.

Level 8 - Deacon - This level spends most of its time in secluded meditation and prayer, trying to become worthy of higher learning.

Level 7 - Student 1 - This level strives to master the form and essence of language.

Level 6 - Student 2 - This level strives to master the form and essence of poetry.

Level 5 - Student 3 - This level strives to master the form and essence of mathematics.

Level 4 - Neophyte 1 - This level achieves some measure of serenity by confessing his past and severing all contact with his former life.

Level 3 - Neophyte 2 - This level learns the beginning ways of mathematics and poetry.

Level 2 - Neophyte 3 - This level learns the secret prayers designed to clear the mind and still the spirit.

Level 1 - Beginner - This level ends in walking through fire and acquiring a new name.

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