The Endless

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[edit] Summary

The Endless is the collective term for the gods of Irithism, one of the most widespread religions of Avellia. After "Death" (Which is, in fact, The point in time in which they complete the set of tasks that they were summoned for, such as uniting a empire) they take on the form of a Dragon and their soul, becomes an Avatar, which is a much smaller, spirit representation and a translator.

[edit] List of Deities

  • Irith, after whom Irithism is named, Goddess of Desire and The Mother of all beings
  • Prymos First-born twin and God of Magic and the Bounded
  • Ralaia Second-born twin and Goddess of Language and the Bounded

  • T'gon Lord of the Dead
  • Sha'ara Guardian of the Twin Death-Gates
  • Hahren God of Wine and Spirits
  • Relor God of Children and Strangers

  • J'tes Trickster appearing as God or Goddess
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