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Vaporstory is a free story that anyone can write. That's the basic premise. It is the encyclopedia of a fictional world, but unlike other wikis that document fictional worlds that already exist, Vaporstory's story is told only within the encyclopedia itself (hence the name: "vaporstory," because the story that we're telling never gets told directly; it's like an ethereal "vapor" that exists as the sum of its articles).

In other words, you can come along and write an article about Character X, and you can make up anything you want, because you're creating Character X. But bear this in mind: if the project is to make any sense at all, Vaporstory must be internally self-consistent. So, when you've said in the article about Character X that his/her hometown is Town Y, then it might be a good idea to mention him/her in the article about Town Y. (That is, if you deem Character X to be important in the history of Town Y.)

A summary of general information can be found at Vaporstory:World overview.

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