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Thanks to this guy who helped me find a good site, Vaporstory now has a chatroom. Although it is contained in another website, you can access it from here. Read all of the following instructions before attempting to join Vaporstory Chat! (Unless, of course, you've already been on IRC.)

igoVET I do`t regret that spent a few of minutes for reading. Write more often, surely'll come to read something new!...

[edit] IRC Client

If you use a client such as chatzilla, you can simply join the channel by clicking irc://

[edit] Nickname infomation

If this is your first time, you will may wish to do the following to protect your nickname:

  • Register your nickname. You can do this by typing
    /msg nickserv register <password> <emailaddress>

substituting "<password>" for the password you want and "<emailaddress>" for your email address.

  • Check your email. You should receive a confirmation message. Copy and paste the text from that email into the chatroom. This will lock that nickname to you, ensuring that no one can use it without the password you specified.
  • Chat away!
  • next time you come to use freenode, simply type: /Msg Nickserv <password>

[edit] Cool stuff you can do

  • Type "/me" and then some text will replace "/me" with your username. For instance, if you are Bob and type "/me goes to the bathroom" it will produce "Bob goes to the bathroom."
  • Type "/nick" and then a new nickname to change your nickname.
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