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Vaporstory is still brand-new. In addition to having very few total articles, it lacks much of what make up the "spice" of other wikis. This is a list of what is planned for the future of Vaporstory. If you have any suggestions, add them at the talk page.

  • Revamped main page.
  • Description: A main page that contains nice-looking, colored sections resembling Wikipedia. This will eventually sport a "Featured Article" section, a "New Articles" section, a "Did You Know?" section, a "Writer of the Month" section, and a "Minerva News" section.
  • Expected: When there are enough articles and users for a weekly article... and when Wehpudicabok gets around to it.
  • Result: Silent Penguin's wikipedia/uncyc/?pedia port Code has been drawn form many places, the portals need linking and the important articles section needs filling in using the main pages's current table, News is inadvisable for such a small wiki because there is no news to base it on, you need to aim at the scifi readers and the creative writers. I have other ideas but they dont need to be detailed now.
  • A working forum.
  • Description: A forum which operates on an independent Vaporstory namespace, and makes the process of creating a new topic and adding it to the main page automatic.
  • Expected: As soon as we figure out how to get the forum set up properly.
  • Result:Per Wehpudicabok's request I have cleaned this up a bit, im not satisfied with what I have got, but that is a bare idea for it.
  • Article progress ratings.
  • Description: Ratings that we can put on article talk pages indicating how well an article is coming along. This will be run by admins who patrol new articles.
  • Expected: When the wiki gets big enough that we get daily traffic from non-admins.
  • Note: It'll probably look something like this.
  • SP would recommend doing this via a database and a sliding scale JS type thing.
  • Separation of canon and non-canon articles.
  • Description: Certain articles should be given the official "Canon" stamp, indicating that the contents of the article are Officially True within the world of Vaporstory. This can be given to new articles that are well-written and fully consistent with existing canon, but is primarily intended for articles that have existed for some time and are accepted by the community as fact. It will probably be decided by consensus, on a voting page similar to Uncyclopedia's VFH. Articles should not be featured without being given the stamp of canonicity (if that's a word).
  • Expected: When the wiki gets big enough that we have trouble keeping track of what's true and what isn't.
  • A summary of necessary information.
  • Description: As the number of approved canon articles gets larger and larger (see above), it'll become harder and harder for new users to contribute new information, because they'll be more intimidated about putting out information that conflicts with what's already been established. We'll eventually create a page that can summarize what has happened in Vaporstory so far, so that people can start out with a decent understanding of what's going on. It'll probably be in the same vein as Vaporstory:About and Vaporstory:Getting Started, and will have links to important canon articles.
  • Expected: In its full form, not for a long, long time. A brief summary has been added to Vaporstory:About.
You need to do one now, otherwise people have no idea what to write.--Silent Penguin 14:59, 28 May 2007 (EDT)

Things Silent Penguin has done

  • Neatened up the logo, it was good, but was untidy, so i took away the white background and added the flare around the planet, making it seem more misty. I also gave the writing more presence than before.
  • Made a new main page. My suggestion is that you add stuff to that when it needs it
  • set up a new channel.
  • Made a couple of templates which allow for work in progress and articles needing quick deletion to be marked. they are quite crude so the need a cleanup.

Things still to do

  • Add in seeded articles. I suggest you take the best articles on the wiki such as the ones I have added to the template of important articles and then add some worthwhile content onto them. I think by worthwhile content I mean we go through and add discription, there is too much consentration on facts which lets be honest, it bores people to read things like that. only people like trekies read it, so it needs to be vivid content which is discriptive, put effort into around ten articles and make them really good, then delete the other ones and make a list of wanted articles containing those deleted OR label them as rubbish and in need of improvement.
  • A peer review system.
  • The canon stamping system, ie featured article selection, for my wiki, the admins picked out the best and then just featured it to start so the content was built up. then we allowed voting when there where enough people to make it worthwhile. I suggest calling it the "Corona" stamp though, it has more style to it than canon, which reminds me of vultures or a warcannon, too crude if you ask me.
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