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This page serves as a basic guide to the concept of Vaporstory, about the world of Minerva, that allows new users to start contributing quickly and effectively without conflicting with established ideas.

The worldstories of Minerva are a blend of science fiction and fantasy. The three intelligent races of the world of Minerva, the Ferrans, Amnans, and Enthans (collectively called humans), have spread over all the four continents, and having lost contact over the millenia, have come into contact with each other only comparatively recently. Each has been mutated by the practice of their religion: "The Endless" or Ferrans; "The Bounded" or Amnans; and "Strangers" or Enthans. The three races have integrated, to a degree; nations are still separate, but there is little racial discrimination in any one nation or region. However, all the religions tend to be very strict, so there is little splintering or development of factions or sects.

Technology is highly advanced. Space travel has existed for almost two centuries and colonies on the nearby world of Riach are plenty, as well as a few colonies on other planets in the system. The combox, similar to a television, is the most common medium of mass communication. Technology is primarily studied by the Ferrans or "The Endless". They are the artisans of the Minervan civilization, with the exception of "The Strangers" who seem to be able to learn both Technology and Magic with little difficulty.

Magic is as available to the masses as technology and is in common use throughout the world. The main magic users, developers, and researchers are among The Bounded. Until recently, there has been little mixing between the different religions. But with the recent contact with the Enthans, or The Strangers, there has been a push to blend the technology or the Endless with the magic of the Bounded. Thus, New hybrid magical/technological developments are being researched at present, but little progress has been made and the field is new, as there is evangelical fervor present in each of the religions. The Strangers are slowly working their way into the secrets of the other two religions while retaining their own ways.

[edit] Sentient Species

There are three different strains of human, depending on the religion they belong to

  • The Ferran strain are similar to that of canines, and are indigenous to the mainland. These are a group of tunnel-dwellers that live in vast underground cities. They have Thick Grey Fur and use all four legs, but have developed opposable thumbs. They are masters of technology.
  • The Amnan strain are reptiles, existing in both fresh and salt water, and are indigenous to the Harkyria's domain. These are an aquatic species, and are commonly described as Nutes. They have Red gills which stand out on each side of their neck which can be pulled in and used as lungs and they also have very strong Scales protected by a waterproof layer of skin around the outside. They are a secretive society of magic-users. They worship Prymos and Ralaia.
  • The Enthan strain are similar to winged mammals, and are indigenous to the mountains of Ethalia where they ride the strong winds. They have however evolved with large eagle-like feathers along their arms, legs and neck and have sharp yellow beaks. They are a contemplative species worshipping no god or goddess, but seeking to better themselves by strict diet and meditation designed to bring them into harmony with the Universe. They are incredibly fast learners and seek to know and understand the other two religions and ways.
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