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Pennox City is the capital city of Senzanya which is located on the continent of Avellia.


[edit] History

Pennox City may well be one of the oldest cities in existence, having benefited early on from its position as a main water route via the eponymous Pennox River. It appears in many historical documents under various names, reflecting the various dialects of the Senzanyan language prior to the unification of the continent under King Senzan I.

[edit] Geography

The distinctive geographic feature of Pennox City is the river after which it is named, the Pennox. The Pennox cuts the city clean in half, running under a number of bridges and wending its way east past the capitol building to the Avellian Ocean. The area surrounding this river is largely flat, especially in the southern and western reaches which are covered with farmland. To the north the hills grow slightly, as though indicating the Mitans further north.

While blessed with agricultural bounty, the flat terrain makes Pennox City less easily defended from invasion than mountainous Zypox in Cyrophite. The result has been a much more advanced military culture, and the presence of a water route has made Pennox City into a great naval power.

[edit] Climate

Due to its proximity to the ocean, Pennox City enjoys a mild coastal climate that encourages agriculture. It has short but potent winters and a long farming season.

[edit] Government

[edit] Demographics

[edit] Economy

Due to Pennox City's climate, farming is the most profitable business in it, accounting for 40% of total revenue. There are a few factories, but these are typically family businesses.

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[edit] Education

[edit] Culture

The culture of Pennox City reflects the pride one would expect from a city whose king long ago united a continent. While the other regions of Senzanya sometimes chafe under this arrogance, the improvement in overall quality of life since the various factions stopped waging war was such that few people have complained about Pennox City's dominance.

The city is very proud of its military history, as are most Senzanyans. Parades and other displays of military glory are common in the city, and the songs, art, and literature of Pennox City often tell the story of great heroes, real or fictional.

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