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Zypox is the capital city of Cyrophite which is located in Harkyria.


[edit] History

Zypox was named by Cyros Jr., as his tribute to the Zypoxian Galaxy. Because it can be seen so easily from the city's location, Cyros Jr. and many citizens of the young Cryophite nation believed the Zypoxian Galaxy was an image of a protector spirit or deity who watched over the region. The image of the galaxy is still of enormous cultural significance to Zypoxians and the Cryophite nation, and the spiral disc is a recurring theme in Cryophite art.

As explained in the section below, Zypox's unique geography has resulted in great benefits for the city, especially for its farming class. Rather than a fortified city surrounded by vulnerable farmland, as has often been the case in history, Zypox's agricultural land is protected on both sides by mountain ranges and the two halves of the fortified city.

[edit] Geography

Zypox is located on the southeastern side of Cyrophite. Since the Cyro Valleys divide Zypox in half, the geography for Zypox is different depending on the location. The two halves of the city are connected by a pass through the mountainous terrain, through the valley itself. In nearly every military campaign that Zypox has been involved in throughout history, this pass has been of key strategic importance.

While most cities have outlying farmlands, Zypox's unique geography has resulted in the farmlands being inside, more or less, the city proper. Because the valley is an ancient riverbed, the soil inside the valley is made up of sediments deposited long ago by the now dried-up river; this results in extremely fertile soil for agriculture. Even better, the river is not actually completely dry, but instead continues to trickle down from the seasonally melting glaciers of the far polar mountains, seeping underground and providing a reliable aquifer from which Zypoxian farmers can tap fresh water from wells.

This remarkable geography is not found anywhere else in Minerva, and is believed by many scholars to be responsible for Zypox's great fortune and its unusual social structure.

[edit] Climate

Zypox's climate is mostly humid due to seasonal maritime winds that bring warm ocean air over most of the continent. The Cyro Valleys are the most humid of all, which is perfect since the area is used for growing crops, although the lack of air currents can make it uncomfortable to those unaccustomed to the weather. Even Zypoxians from the urban areas often complain about the stuffy air, being much more accustomed to the arid, windy climate of the mountainous city.

[edit] Government

[edit] Demographics

[edit] Economy

Because of its geography, Zypox has practically never suffered a major famine in its entire history. This ability to reliably produce all the food it needs and more has made (and continues to make) Zypox incredibly wealthy for two main reasons: firstly, Zypox is a major exporter of food and other agricultural products, and secondly it has a thriving gentry that has persisted for countless generations, making Zypox one of the greatest cultural centers in the world.

[edit] Education

Education in Zypox is high-quality.

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